Spring Forward into Your Destiny

Don’t be afraid to keep moving on. For what was before, now has gone, God wants to accomplish so much more,

But we need to move forward in the Lord.

© By M.S. Lowndes, Based on Isaiah 43:18-19


Sometimes we want what God has for us, but we seem to be stuck in the same place for years. We planned to be farther than we are. Time moves forward, but we look up and are in the same place we were 5 years ago. God wants to do a new thing in you. He wants to take you from wilderness to promise land. Today I want to share with you some things you can do to spring into all that God has for you.

  1. Stop looking back. Sometimes we are too focused on the victories or failures of our past we don’t see the potential of what is ahead of us. Look forward and keep your focus on God. Don’t let things of your past get you off track. What God has in store for you is far better than the things of your past.
  2. Clean out your inner circle. People are in our lives for a season and a reason. Sometimes we hold onto people of our past that are meant to stay in our past. We have to let go of people that are not helping us to get to where God wants us to be. If they are not supportive or if they’re weighing you down, let them go. You want to surround yourself with people that are where you want to go.
  3. Move forward in faith. We don’t move forward because of fear or unbelief. Are you in the same place, same position, because you are scared of failure or that God won’t be there for you when you take a step forward. The unknown can be scary. Just know that if God leads you to it. He will carry you through it. Just make sure it is God telling you, not yourself.