How to Manage Frizzy Hair in the Summer

If You Have Tight Curls




“The drier your hair, the fuzzier your frizz,” says Dickey, owner of the New York City salon Hair Rules. So shampoo no more than every other day and use sulfate-free or non-sudsing cream formulas. Condition as usual, then add a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture.

When your hair is still wet, apply a mixture of anti-frizz cream and gel.

Finger-twist your curls to help them dry in a controlled pattern, then gently diffuse or air-dry without disturbing the curl. Once your hair is completely dry, rub a little serum on your palms and run them (very lightly) over your hair.

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If You’re Naturally Wavy





Heat makes your hair puffier, so rinse out your conditioner with cold or lukewarm water (perfect for a hot day). “You’ll smooth down the cuticle and reduce frizz,” says Nicholas Penna Jr., owner of SalonCapri in Dedham, Massachusetts.





Gently towel-dry your hair to remove most of the water before you add any product; this will encourage some natural fullness at the roots.

If a leave-in conditioner or styling spray isn’t enough to make flyaways behave, scrunch in some mousse for beachy waves or smooth on a styling gel or serum for a more polished finish. Air-dry either way.

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If Your Hair Is Fine




Summer tends to make fine hair go limp by lunchtime. When yours is dragging, spray the roots with an oil-absorbing dry shampoo. And once a week, use a clarifying shampoo to remove weighty product buildup.





Apply a volumizing spray or mousse to your roots, then — keeping to the medium setting (a good compromise if you don’t want to shelve your dryer for the summer) — lift your hair up and out as you dry. Eighty percent of the way through, use a round brush to add movement and fullness, says Dickey.

Instead of anti-frizz cream or pomade, apply anti-humidity spray or light lotion, but only to your ends.


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