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Dear Friend,

As a mother of two and unemployed in this down economy I am positioned to step into the things God has called me to do. I am passionate about teaching, coaching, and communicating in a way to empower people to be all God has called them to be. I have always had the entrepreneur spirit inside of me.  With a degree in Business Management and Organizational Leadership and no job, I am placed with an extraordinary opportunity in front of me. I have been chosen to attend ME University’s Intensive Purpose-Driven Speaking and Coaching Program from April 1-4, 2014 in Atlanta, Ga.


Created by Marshawn Evans (Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, & Founder of ME University), Speak For Pay is a step by step speaker training designed specifically for those ready to launch a lucrative, highly visible speaking career by sharing their message with the masses. Marshawn is currently one of the most in-demand, active and highly paid speakers in the country. She’s been a commentator on CNN, Fox Business and ESPN. In her first company, Communication Counts!, she coached Miss America and Miss USA contestants on their speaking. She’s worked on communications skills with hundreds of celebrities, athletes, entertainers, politicians, and corporate executives for many years. She also managed the brands for professional athletes in the NFL & NBA – building their speaking and endorsement platforms. She is now sharing her celebrity branding and expert positioning strategies. Marshawn believes deeply in the power of speaking to transform lives—and loves to share what she knows. At SPEAK FOR PAY™, she’ll be giving away ALL of her secrets for stage success.

I believe that speaking is a tool & talent, but also a responsibility and gift from above. It’s divinely given to us and for us – but few of us choose to use it and maximize this powerful vehicle called our VOICE. God gave me my voice (and my life story) by no mistake. It has been pre-deposited into my being for a reason, and I believe for such a time as this. If you look at some of the most successful and highly paid thought-leaders of our time — from Steve Jobs, to Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, Suze Orman and Oprah Winfrey — you’ll find one thing in common: They found their voice and invested their time and energy to becoming masters of communication in the marketplace. People, who learn how to speak, and build a brand in the marketplace through speaking, attract the most opportunities, visibility, and income.

Attending SPEAK FOR PAY™ is an investment that I am making in myself and my brand—and that I will be learning to master one of the most lucrative opportunities available. This is not a typical training, but that it’s a “working bootcamp” and high-level business training. I am attending to do some serious work on my speaker brand and getting information necessary to turn this into a business. This is more than my dream – this is part of my calling and something I feel very led to do. This is a business and an opportunity, but it’s even bigger than just that. Sharing my voice & raising my visibility is one of the best ways to elevate my brand, business, and/or income. Marshawn has been there and is currently doing what I want to do. She is someone with similar values, beliefs, character and work ethic to mine. She is also a woman of faith and operates at very high levels in the marketplace.

Marshawn has walked this path and will be sharing exactly what she did to become one of the most in-demand, active and highly paid speakers in the country—with clients like HP, Delta Air Lines, Rolls-Royce, Tiffany & Co.  Being part of the ME University community means that I am also associating with these brands, too. This is the TIME to be focusing on creating our own economy as a family. We have to take control of our finances and make investments in our future. There has never been a time with more opportunity as so many in the world are seeking answers and guidance—that I can provide.

I need $1593 to attend the training. I am seeking support of 16 people to commit to $100. If I register by December 20th the cost will only be $997.  Otherwise, my deadline for raising the funds is January 11, 2014.  I am committed to succeeding at this. I ask for your support as I seek to live my divine calling at a deeper and higher level. Thank you for empowering me to live in my divine destiny! God bless and happy Christmas.


Takenya Evans

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