Royalocity Tip#2: Godfidence

Godfidence (M.E.) is a term the goes far beyond normal confidence. It is good to have confidence in yourself, but dangerous to be arrogant.Image Arrogance is all about “me”. Continue reading


Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder

natural beauty



What is beautiful to you may not be to someone else. In fashion trends are what’s in. Trends are cool, but classic styles and pieces re truly beautiful because they stand the test of time. In today’s society a woman that looks like a model is beautiful. The smaller the better, they say! Perfection is beauty. I say that true beauty is in the imperfections that we have that makes us unique. Beauty is you loving yourself and exuding confidence. Beauty is knowing who you are and the greatness God put on the inside of you! A well educated person is beautiful. A person with their priorities in the right order is beautiful. Beauty can be found even in your darkest situation. Beauty is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is when a rainbow shows itself right after a storm. It is you when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror unblemished from makeup, the day’s issues and events, or worry. I challenge you today to take a moment out of your day, away from the hussle and bussle of life, close your eyes, be quiet and thank God for all of the natural beauty in your life.

Spring Forward into Your Destiny

Don’t be afraid to keep moving on. For what was before, now has gone, God wants to accomplish so much more,

But we need to move forward in the Lord.

© By M.S. Lowndes, Based on Isaiah 43:18-19

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You are Worth Fighting For…

You are special, valuable, beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. It doesn’t matter how you were brought into this world. It doesn’t matter if your parents didn’t want you or you are not accepted by the people around you. You were pre-planned, designed, and purposed to come into this world at the right time. You are not an accident or mistake. You were created for an important purpose and have a great destiny ahead of you. It is time for you to get out of your own way and realize the greatness on the inside of you. There are a few things that may be stopping you from realizing your greatness: Continue reading

You Are Worth It!

We look for significance and meaning in life. Se search and search for love, acceptance  and value. Today I want you to know that you are loved, accepted, and valued no matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done. Jesus loved you so much that he gave his life for you. That is how special you are. Receive that love and share that love.

I’m Beautiful…

You are beautiful. Flood your mind with things that confirm your beauty and you will naturally believe it. A song for you…