2014 Fashion Week Trends


Ellie Saab and Michael Kors fashion highlights from 2014 Fashion Week. Florals, and pleats are in this season. I love how Ellie Saab used soft monotone florals with sheer fabric. It shows femininity and style. There’s not too much “fru-fru”. Pleating is big this season. See how different designers use pleating in their pieces during fashion week.

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Rent the Runway Special


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How to Manage Frizzy Hair in the Summer

If You Have Tight Curls




“The drier your hair, the fuzzier your frizz,” says Dickey, owner of the New York City salon Hair Rules. So shampoo no more than every other day and use sulfate-free or non-sudsing cream formulas. Condition as usual, then add a leave-in conditioner for extra moisture.

When your hair is still wet, apply a mixture of anti-frizz cream and gel. Continue reading