The 10 Prettiest Hair and Makeup Styles You Can Wear, According to Guys

Prettiest Makeup Style, According to Guys: The Natural Look

“Minimal makeup speaks to a certain amount of confidence that is incredibly attractive.”

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Beautiful Brows

If you naturally don’t have Beautiful Brows…. Don’t Worry. Anyone can achieve Perfect Brows. Here’s a Quick Tutorial showing you just that . Use matte Eye shadow

Natural Night Out Look

Less is more. You don’t want to overdo it when wearing makeup. You want your beauty to shine from within and people to see you, not a bunch of makeup caked on your face. Confidence is when you know you’re beautiful and don’t have to try to make yourself look beautiful. Beauty is an extension from within.

Makeup Essentials for Every Woman

Makeup is not what makes you beautiful. It is an extension of your beauty. It is to embellish the beautiful Queen you already are. You may not like to wear makeup, or you may be the woman that wears too much. There needs to be a balance. You don’t want to look like an ordinary everyday woman you pass by and don’t see. You don’t want to be the woman people stop dead in their tracks to see because she looks like a clown or art project. You want to walk into a room and command attention for all of the right reasons; because your inner beauty shines through and your physical appearance takes it to another level.

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