Royalocity Tip # 3: Attraction Dressing

How we dress gives a first impression of how people see us. You are royalty; a queen or king and you have to dress to show that. People of stature and power are put together and styled. They don’t look sloppy or thrown together. They look like they put effort into how they present themselves. As royalty, you too need to do the same. Like it or not, how you dress determines how people see you. If you dress in skimpy tight clothing people may view you as easy, a slut, or someone that doesn’t value themselves. Lets dress in a way that incorporates how you want to be viewed as well as accenting your personality. Dress for your body type… What kind of attention do you want to attract?


Royalocity Tip#2: Godfidence

Godfidence (M.E.) is a term the goes far beyond normal confidence. It is good to have confidence in yourself, but dangerous to be arrogant.Image Arrogance is all about “me”. Continue reading

“Royalocity” on a Budget. Tip #1:

ImageBeing stylish is a necessity to walking in your “Royalness”. Wherever you go you are branding yourself to the world. If you want people to see you as successful, powerful, confident, and beautiful, you can’t step out of the house looking like a slob. As you may think, you don’t have to be rich to have a royal lifestyle.

Tips for branding yourself with these traits and lifestyle (i.e. Royalocity) on a tight budget:

Sample Size Perfume/cologne adds an extra layer of expression to your personal brand. Are you the girl that smells funny, or have people talking because of how good you smell? You don’t want to be the one with too much on either. It says you’re trying too hard. You want your “Royalness” to seem effortless.

You can get a good six months of use, depending on how heavily you use it.

Good online stores for perfume as low as $1.99+: