Michael Kors Spring 2013

Michael Kors is going for bold colors and graphic lines this spring. Clean looks with nice detailing. It’s the classic classy and clean dresses that I love. I could see Michelle Obama in many of them! The only thing I don’t care for is the peek-a-boo showing you get of the crotch in the first look. That is not Royalocity! A little more modesty.

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Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder

natural beauty



What is beautiful to you may not be to someone else. In fashion trends are what’s in. Trends are cool, but classic styles and pieces re truly beautiful because they stand the test of time. In today’s society a woman that looks like a model is beautiful. The smaller the better, they say! Perfection is beauty. I say that true beauty is in the imperfections that we have that makes us unique. Beauty is you loving yourself and exuding confidence. Beauty is knowing who you are and the greatness God put on the inside of you! A well educated person is beautiful. A person with their priorities in the right order is beautiful. Beauty can be found even in your darkest situation. Beauty is the light at the end of the tunnel. It is when a rainbow shows itself right after a storm. It is you when you wake up and see yourself in the mirror unblemished from makeup, the day’s issues and events, or worry. I challenge you today to take a moment out of your day, away from the hussle and bussle of life, close your eyes, be quiet and thank God for all of the natural beauty in your life.

10 Style Tips: Part 1

1. Wash new jeans twice before taking them to the tailor. Why? Because jeans will always shrink in length when washed.

2. “Remove white deodorant marks from a garment by gently rubbing the protective foam used on hangers against the fabric.” — Jonathan Simkhai, designer

3.  If you get an oil stain on your favorite handbag, coat the mark with baby powder and let it stand overnight. By morning, the stain should be gone. If a bit still remains, repeat the process until the stain is completely gone.

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