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Rent the Runway Special


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Michael Kors Spring 2013

Michael Kors is going for bold colors and graphic lines this spring. Clean looks with nice detailing. It’s the classic classy and clean dresses that I love. I could see Michelle Obama in many of them! The only thing I don’t care for is the peek-a-boo showing you get of the crotch in the first look. That is not Royalocity! A little more modesty.

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“Royalocity” on a Budget. Tip #1:

ImageBeing stylish is a necessity to walking in your “Royalness”. Wherever you go you are branding yourself to the world. If you want people to see you as successful, powerful, confident, and beautiful, you can’t step out of the house looking like a slob. As you may think, you don’t have to be rich to have a royal lifestyle.

Tips for branding yourself with these traits and lifestyle (i.e. Royalocity) on a tight budget:

Sample Size Perfume/cologne adds an extra layer of expression to your personal brand. Are you the girl that smells funny, or have people talking because of how good you smell? You don’t want to be the one with too much on either. It says you’re trying too hard. You want your “Royalness” to seem effortless.

You can get a good six months of use, depending on how heavily you use it.

Good online stores for perfume as low as $1.99+:

2013 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring fashion trends:

*Basic Black and white are the colors of the spring. Fashion switches it up from bright colors and over embellishments to basic black and white for this spring.

*Peekaboo veiling is in this Spring. Designers are using veiled looks with see through transparency in their Spring collections.

*The collage look: A mixture of patterns and textures creates a layered look for the spring.

*Designers reclaimed the ruffle this season: Deep frills edged necklines at Gucci and Givenchy, while the thigh-high slits of skirts at Balenciaga were flounced flamenco-style.

*The Power Suit is this Spring’s power look.

*Designers new take on the Kimono has made it’s way into spring’s trends.

Dress Protocol 101

We women come in all shapes and sizes. The beautiful thing is that we were uniquely made by God; beautiful and perfect in His sight. How you present yourself to the world on the outside should reflect your beauty on the inside. In order to present your “Royal Highness” to the world you have to learn dressing protocol 101. Being Queen, you have a certain image to portray to the world. Wearing clothes that fit your body type will attract the right kind of people and business you desire. Continue reading